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Puppy Obedience Training

Puppy Obedience Training

Are you the new owner of a rambunctious puppy that you can not control? The solution is simple: puppy obedience training. Training a puppy is relatively easy as long as you have plenty of patience and a program to follow. Of course, the easiest way to train a puppy is to go to puppy obedience school. Puppy obedience schools are very good because your puppy will get professional training and also get to socialize with other dogs. It is important for the puppy to become comfortable around other dogs and not become overly aggressive. However, there is a higher cost involved with going to a professional trainer.

If you decide to train your puppy by yourself, then there are some basic commands that have to be taught first. Those are: sit, come and stay. It is important for the puppy to learn these basic commands so that more advanced commands can be taught. It is important not to get angry with your puppy or it will become scared of you and not perform the commands. Puppies are like small children and need to be encouraged with positive reinforcement.

The sit command can be taught by saying the word authoritatively and then pushing the rear end of the pupply to the floor. Practice this a few times and the dog should begin to respond without having to touch the dog. Be sure to praise the puppy for good performance.

The come command can be taught by calling your puppy at different times throughout the day. The puppy will become used to your voice and out of curiousity will usually come. Be sure to praise the puppy and possibly offer a treat.

For the stay command, have the puppy sit and walk a couple of steps away. Tell the puppy to stay. Come back and praise him and then walk further away. If the puppy stays, come back and give lots of praise. Continue this while getting further away each time. If the dog does not stay, go back to a shorter distance. Continue to give praise and offer treats for good performance.

It is important to be consistent and maintain the same behavior for your puppy. Another method to train your puppy is by using a shock collar. Treats will work for training your puppy initially but they may lose their effectiveness. Shock collars work by using a negative consequence. If the puppy does not perform the proper command, he will receive a vibration or shock from the collar. After several weeks, the dog will become conditioned and perform the proper command. Different size dogs will need a collar with different power levels depending on their weight. A German Shephard will need a more powerful vibration than a poodle. Each dog will respond differently to the stimulation so the collar can be adjusted accordingly.

In summary, puppy obedience training can be accomplished in several ways. Whether you use a professional trainer, do the training yourself or use a dog training shock collar, it is important to remember that consistency and positive attitude are very important to the successful training of your dog.

Dog Obedience Training- Is It Worse Than Going To The Dentist?

Dog Obedience Training

Is dog obedience training worse than going to the dentist? ? Well, not anymore!

If you are having problems with basic obedience or advanced training techniques, well, you are not alone. In fact, many pet owners experience thes same problems. Whether you’re trying to stop dangerous activities like chasing cars or want to establish good behavior in public places such as parks, remote dog training shock collars will safely handle the problems.

The remote control allows you to instantly correct or reward behaviors in your pet. This instantaneous feedback allows your pet to learn at exponential rates and quickly leads to better communication and a better relationship between you and your pet.

It is a fact that dogs learn faster with electronic dog training shock collars .

If you’re prepared to stop your dog from digging, jumping up, barking, fence fighting, and pulling on his leash, you will discover electronic dog coaching collars to be the answer for your dog obedience training. Coaching your dog is a lot easier with shock and spray remote electronic collars.

Teach your gigantic or tiny dog new commands, stop unwanted behaviors and provide standard obedience training with these electronic coaching devices. Electronic dog coaching collars accelerate the learning method for your canine via instantaneous feed back, reducing confusion and producing more favorable outcomes than other types of training.


Whenever you notice your self asking “How can I easily train my dog and stop my dog from bad behaviors?” You will find that the electronic collar (e collar) is a powerful tool for encouraging desired behaviors and gaining obedience. The “shock” your dog receives is equivalent to a “walk across the carpet” shock and won’t harm your dog. Remote dog coaching collars enable you to set the intensity level necessary to train your dog depending upon the dog’s temperament and number of distractions surrounding you. Via repetition and continuity, a dog training shock collar will swiftly train your dog to obey commands and behave properly while resolving problem behaviors. You’ll be able to make perfectly timed corrections, bridging the gap of distance and distractions with electronic dog training collars.

Once you are ready for the most effective coaching device you can buy, you will come across the right dog shock collar among many different choices. Whether you’re teaching your friendly pet, a work or sport dog, you will uncover the ideal electronic collars (e-collars) out there to help you in reaching your goals.

Dog obedience training collars features include:

Dog coaching collars have several intensity settings.

Dog shock collars fit all dog sizes with their adjustable features.

Electric collars have a low battery light indicator.

Solutions for good to bad behavior toning (non stimulation).

E-collars usually have a waterproof receiver and transmitters.

Assess the wide assortment of the best dog training shock collars you could invest in from the best producers such as Petsafe, Innotek, Sportdog, Tritronics, Dogtra, DT Systems and Unleashed which includes a lowest cost guarantee. All of us want a happy and well trained dog, which is made possible with our trustworthy dog training shock collars.

To easily enable you to choose the right dog shock collar for your dog, you can compare by price, distance covered, power and number of transmitters and method of stimulation. Dog obedience training will be much easier with a dog training shock collar.



Dog Training Shock-Collar

Hey, Jim Here

If you are interested in using a ,dog training shock-collar, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

Does a dog training shock-collar really work? If your dog barks a lot, goes to the bathroom in the house, chews household items or does not listen, a dog training shock collar may be the answer.

What exactly is a shock collar and how does it work? A shock collar is an electronic device that produces pulse stimulation at different levels of intensity and length to an animal through the use of a transmitter built into the shock collar. Some collars have additional features such as a vibration feature and GPS so that a canine can be located. Original shock collars were used to train hunting dogs and were very high powered.

Dog Training Shock Collar Image

Today, dog training devices come in many different levels of electronic stimulation. Some trainers prefer a low level of electrical stimulation as a marker and match it with a reward, making the collar a conditioned reinforcer, similar to clicker training. Some electronic collars include vibration or tone-only settings, which can be used as a “neutral stimulus” for our canine friends.

Is a dog training shock-collar humane? Most experts agree they are humane if used properly. As with any dog training aid, improper usage, abuse, and negligence can create unsatisfactory results. I used one on my dog and it worked out very well. I even tested it on myself to see how it felt. At lower levels it wasn’t bad. However, at full strength it gave a pretty good jolt. So, read the manual carefully and start at lower levels and see how your dog responds. We definitely don’t want to hurt our canine buddies but sometimes man’s best friend can be a pain.

In conclusion, a dog training shock-collar can work as advertised in training your dog. In my experience, the collar didn’t bother my dog and he responded properly. I only used the shock collar for a few weeks on my rambunctious black lab and he now behaves very well.