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Dog Training Shock Collar vs Ultrasonic Dog Collar – Worth the Money?

A Dog training shock collar can be used to control your dogs behavior.  Ultrasonic dog training  collars  can be used more effectively  to control your dog’s out of control barking.

Excessive dog barking is certainly annoying to you and your neighbors. In some areas of the country, allowing your dog to bark too much is even against the law. Using an ultrasonic  collar can help you get your dog’s barking under control in a pain-free and humane way. This will bring peace and quiet to the neighborhood and your neighbors will be much happier also.

How They Work

An ultrasonic dog training collar is basically a standard dog collar with a  battery-operated electronic box attached to it. The box contains a noise sensor, which senses when your dog is barking. Your dog’s barking activates the electronic box to emit a high-pitched sound only a dog can hear. The sound annoys your dog and disrupts his barking. It usually doesn’t take long for a dog to make the connection that its barking causes the irritating sound, and it learns to stop barking whenever it is wearing the collar.
Benefits Of Ultrasonic Collars Versus Dog Training Shock Collars

There are three basic types of anti-bark collars available: shock, citronella, and sound-emitting (ultrasonic) collars. The shock collar senses a dog’s bark and in return sends a mild shock to the dog. While shock collars have a high success rate, some dog owners and dog organizations consider shocking a dog, no matter how mildly, inhumane although there is much debate over this. Obviously an ultrasonic collar also makes a dog uncomfortable.

Citronella collars are also bark activated. Instead of shocking the dog or sending a  noise when a dog barks, they give a quick spray of citronella-scented liquid into the dog’s face. Citronella collars an initially high success rate,  and the citronella is all natural and nontoxic. Some owners have found that dogs don’t like the smell of citronella,  but their dog eventually becomes accustomed to it and the collar doesn’t work as well. Some dog owners also find it takes time and money  to continually refill the sprayer.

Ultrasonic collars are the third option.

The collars are easy to use. For most models, simply install batteries in the device, then put the collar around your dog’s neck. Depending on your model, there is usually a switch to turn on. The device will then begin detecting barks and emit the irritating sound  to your dog. Your dog will begin to associate the unpleasant noise with its barking.The dog will eventually stop barking.  Leave the collar on continuously in the beginning, and remember to periodically check and replace the batteries with fresh ones. Each dog is different; your dog may need to wear the collar every day for best results, or your dog may transform into such an infrequent barker that you can eventually remove the collar.

Training Your Neighbor’s Dog

If the barking that keeps you up all night is not coming from your own dog, there are ultrasonic options to help you discreetly train your neighbor’s dog to curtail its barking. One company makes an ultrasonic unit disguised as a birdhouse that can be hung on a tree or pole. It can detect barking from nearby yards and send the annoying tone within earshot of neighboring dogs. Stand-alone units can be hidden on rooftops or in tree branches. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions to to position these units for proper results.


  • They are not going to have any effect on dogs that are deaf or don’t hear well.
  • Dogs that have invisible fences may become confused, as invisible fences use a similar tone to warn the dog of an approaching boundary.
  • Another drawback is that  pets within hearing range of the ultrasonic collar will be bothered by the high-pitched sound. Although ranges may be adjusted, if you have more than 1 pet or the neighbors have pets, it could cause a problem.
  • The sensor may pick up sounds such as children playing, and warn your dog, even though the dog did nothing wrong.

In conclusion, a dog training shock collar and  an ultrasonic collar are both effective dog training tools. They can be purchased for $60-$150 and they work in several weeks to train your dog.