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Dog Training Shock-Collar

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If you are interested in using a ,dog training shock-collar, then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading.

Does a dog training shock-collar really work? If your dog barks a lot, goes to the bathroom in the house, chews household items or does not listen, a dog training shock collar may be the answer.

What exactly is a shock collar and how does it work? A shock collar is an electronic device that produces pulse stimulation at different levels of intensity and length to an animal through the use of a transmitter built into the shock collar. Some collars have additional features such as a vibration feature and GPS so that a canine can be located. Original shock collars were used to train hunting dogs and were very high powered.

Dog Training Shock Collar Image

Today, dog training devices come in many different levels of electronic stimulation. Some trainers prefer a low level of electrical stimulation as a marker and match it with a reward, making the collar a conditioned reinforcer, similar to clicker training. Some electronic collars include vibration or tone-only settings, which can be used as a “neutral stimulus” for our canine friends.

Is a dog training shock-collar humane? Most experts agree they are humane if used properly. As with any dog training aid, improper usage, abuse, and negligence can create unsatisfactory results. I used one on my dog and it worked out very well. I even tested it on myself to see how it felt. At lower levels it wasn’t bad. However, at full strength it gave a pretty good jolt. So, read the manual carefully and start at lower levels and see how your dog responds. We definitely don’t want to hurt our canine buddies but sometimes man’s best friend can be a pain.

In conclusion, a dog training shock-collar can work as advertised in training your dog. In my experience, the collar didn’t bother my dog and he responded properly. I only used the shock collar for a few weeks on my rambunctious black lab and he now behaves very well.